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Grey Balayage

The perfect grey balayage that every girl wants! Hair by Carol from Kimage Northpoint.

Turquoise, Teal and Lilac

Inspired by mermaids, faeries and all things magical – this beautiful blend of turquoise, teal and lilac is absolutely enchanting! Hair by Thomas from Kimage Katong.

Violet Peekaboo

Fun violet peekaboo shadow roots under this cool rose gold shade! Hair by Scarlett from Kimage Cove.

Fun Pink Fuchsia Look

We’re here to brighten your mid-week slump with this fun pink fuchsia look! Hair by Vivian from Kimage Cove.


Every balayage is meticulously hand painted by one of our expert stylists to give you the most beautiful and natural look! This beautiful balayage was by Celeste from Kimage Hougang.

Blue Balayage

A beautiful blue balayage reminiscent of the rolling waves of the sea. Hair by Scarlett from Kimage Cove

Chic and Gorgeous Rose Blush Balayage

A chic and gorgeous rose blush balayage by Scarlett from Kimage Cove.

Gorgeous Narelle is back!

The gorgeous Narelle is back with this tie and dye by Scarlett from Kimage Cove.

Ash-Grey Balayage

The ash-grey balayage of your dreams. Hair by Vivan from Kimage Cove!

Subtle Lilac Highlights

Some sophisticated fun – an ashy base with subtle lilac highlights by Jol from Kimage Cove.

Peachy Pink

Reliving our Summer/Spring Stylebook moment with this cute peachy pink colour by Scarlett from Kimage Cove.

Auburn Shade

Here’s a lovely auburn shade with earthy tones of brown and red by Thomas from Kimage Katong.