Ash Grey with a Subtle Blue-Silver

This look combines two of our top trends – ash grey with a subtle blue-silver by Thomas from Kimage Katong! ⠀

Iridescent Lavender Highlights

Go for a more subtle metallic look with these iridescent lavender highlights by Thomas from Kimage Katong!

Lustrous Honey Shade

We love this lustrous honey shade; a warm tone metallic done by Scarlett from Kimage Cove!

Redish-Brown Copper

Redish-brown copper is one of our favourite metallic shades, done by Thomas from Kimage Katong! ⠀

Can't say it often enough. Change your hair, change your life.

— Thomas Pynchon

Metallic Shades

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, we’re excited to go out with the old and in with these new METALLIC shades! We’ll be showcasing our new metallic collection by our two colour experts Scarlett Zhu and Thomas Goh to bring Read more …

Soft, Natural and Sweet

Soft, natural and sweet – these waves are looser and less defined if you want the volume and texture without necessarily having tight and defined curls! ⠀ We would like to thank our incredible team of Body & Texture stylists Read more …

Beachy S-wave Curls

We love this combination of the beachy S-wave curls with shoulder length hair, to give you a cute yet effortless wavy look!

Soft and Sweet Spiral Curls

Take full advantage of your long hair to create these soft and sweet spiral curls that gives off a very romantic feel!

Auburn Curls

Curls are becoming increasingly popular among guys, inspired by their favourite male kpop idols!⠀ ⠀ Remember renxian from Campus Hunt a little while ago? He’s back again to join us for this stylebook, rocking his amazing auburn curls!


These curls start lower along the hair in order to frame your face and make it appear a little smaller! Inspired by Japanese and Korean perming styles!

Spring / Summer 2018 Stylebook – Part 2

Welcome back to PART 2 of our Kimage Spring/Summer 2018 Stylebook! We are extremely excited to introduce our new Body & Texture team who have been developing specialised perming techniques to create beautiful soft and natural curls that you love!