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Blue and Turquoise

If warm hues aren’t really your thing, try some streaks of blue and turquoise to give your hair some fun colour and dimension! Hair by Vivian from Kimage Cove.

Metallic Blonde

Saving the best for last – a stunning metallic blonde to end our Chinese New Year metallic hair streak! Hair by Thomas from Kimage Katong

Deep Metallic Plum

This is one of our top picks! A deep metallic plum shade to make your hair feel ultra luxurious. Hair by Michelle Teo from Kimage Cove!⠀

Bright Fuchsia Balayage

Just one more day to Chinese New Year! To get us in a celebratory mood, here is a bright fuchsia balayage by Jol Tan from Kimage Cove!⠀

Stunning Metallic Tones

It’s time to upgrade your look – try out this balayage with stunning metallic tones! Hair by Thomas from Kimage Katong!⠀

Lavender and Turquoise

This whimsical mix of lavender and turquoise is sure to get compliments during CNY visiting! Hair by Scarlett from Kimage Cove!⠀

Subtle Metallic Sheen

This absolutely gorgeous soft chestnut shade with a subtle metallic sheen was by Junior Stylist Karin from Kimage Cove!⠀

Sterling Silver

Shine bright like a diamond with this cool sterling silver colour by Thomas from Kimage Katong.

Metallic Auburn Red Highlights

This festive look with metallic auburn red highlights will get you excited for CNY! Hair by Thomas from Kimage Katong. ⠀

Ash Grey with a Subtle Blue-Silver

This look combines two of our top trends – ash grey with a subtle blue-silver by Thomas from Kimage Katong! ⠀

Lustrous Honey Shade

We love this lustrous honey shade; a warm tone metallic done by Scarlett from Kimage Cove!

Redish-Brown Copper

Redish-brown copper is one of our favourite metallic shades, done by Thomas from Kimage Katong! ⠀