Best Smoothing Hair Treatment

Best Smoothing Hair Treatment at Kimage! Thank you Herworld Singapore for the award! Looking to tame frizzy hair? Try our award winning smoothing hair treatment today!

From Drab to Fab

From drab to fab! Dyeing doesn’t have to be damaging, protected hair using smartbond by Scarlett at Kimage Cove! Book an appointment with us today for a new hair look, damage-free!

A Rich Mahogany Shade

A rich mahogany shade with strand-tinting under lights.⠀ ⠀ Wear your hair down during the day to achieve a sweet girly look, OR style your hair up to show off your edgy highlights during nights out! ⠀ Hair by Shellin Read more …

Deep Purple Ombre

We love this deep purple ombre look by Carmen @ Kimage Tiong Bahru! It starts with natural dark roots at the top and grows in vibrancy towards the ends. For more hair colour treatments check out our page here

The Classic Chocolate Brown

The classic chocolate brown will never go out of style. Wear your ends curly for a sweet and demure look!

Win a Hair Makeover

Stand a chance to win a hair makeover for you and your friend! Regram your favourite hair post by Kimage⠀ Tag your friend ⠀ Hashtag #myfavhairatkimage⠀ Follow @kimagegroup on Instagram where we will be announcing the winner on 28 September! ⠀ Read more …

Striking Fuchsia

A striking fuchsia to brighten up your Mondays.

Glow in the Dark

Hair that quite literally lights up the room!⠀ This trend of highlighter/neon/glow-in-the-dark hair is not for the light-hearted. But if a full #neon head intimidates you, you can try out just a few locks first, it’ll be just as cool! This Read more …

Copper Hue with Subtle Pink Highlights

Natural-looking copper hue with subtle pink highlights for an elegant yet edgy look! This cut and colour was done by Scarlett at Kimage Cove.

Ash-Grey Blonde Ombre

Don’t be afraid to go light! This ash-grey blonde ombre is perfect for girls who just wanna have fun and look great while doing it! For more hair colour treatments check out our page here

A Gorgeous Blend of Indigo

A gorgeous blend of indigo, teal and violet set against a backdrop of cool ash blonde. Intricately beautiful!

Kaleidoscope of Colours

It’s a kaleidoscope of colours!!! ⠀ A waterfall of turquoise blue expertly woven together with the fiery magenta underneath, peeking through every way you turn! Stand out against the crowd with this exciting, colourful and stunning hairstyle!